"You never know what life is like untill you have lived it" - Marilyn Monroe

"Dunia tidak akan menghargai seribu kebaikan yang kamu lakukan tetapi akan mengkritik satu keburukan yang kamu lakukan"

Thats how life is. Aku hanya mencipta duniaku sendiri. Biarkan apa kata mereka. Pedulikan.


Him V
Tuesday at 2:04 AM
Hai, missing me?

1 48 a.m. and im here to update my private diary. Long time no see, my blog. Haha, missing so much. Kk back to the tittle. Dont worry, i think this is the last part of him ;') So, lets start. Firstly, idk when but we had been in the biggest argue I think. I was staying in hostel and its quite hard to settle if we were jumped into an arguments. So, when i got back home we settle down slowly and make a promise which is he cant upld any photo with other girls on her instagram or anywhere and if he doing that i will leave him without any words and fullstop and then he agreed with that rules. After back to normal abt a week or two dont really remember, one day i saw he upld his photo with his bestfriend on wechat. wht? i blocked all abt him and that night he called me but i ignored. A week after that, i got back home on friday then he called me again and again on the friday's night, i was scared to pick up cs i know i would freak out. but suddenly i pick up then he scold me just like i thought he said awful words and haih cnt describe my feelings. i just stay quite. after a long talk he hang up and give me chance. But! a minute after the talk i immediately texted him that i no longer love him no longer want him and....................lastly he let me go. so on 9 Apr, i am single! no longer heartbroken lifeee. hahahaha. and im start crying hahaha yeah i know i am so weak and stupid. but im still strong cs i didnt cry infront of him hahaha. its hurt so back when i remembered how bad his word to me, SO I AM SINGLE NOW OPS NO I AM NOT SINGLE HAHAHAHAA. WAIT FOR THE NEXT STORY!

Not all first love will last forever ;)


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