Him IV


Hi gais. Still with the same title. Ahah. U must be bored right. Its ok. Im just want to put mu feelings here cause seems like nobody reads and its okay. I dont mind. Tonight i would like to updt of some annoying things that can make me always remember and i could hate him as i read my post. Today , there a someone text me asking abt us dude. She ask are we over. Yah i think we are over now dude. Why did she ask? It is bcause u r changing ur default picture to a cute and famous girl. And i know that instaram famous. Unexpected actually. I already delete ur num and i didnt remember it also. Haha. After that case, u just scrolling my twitter and what else ive found?? Its ur unmention tweet withh ur super dovey lovely muchie cutie 'bff' and then u r changing ur twitcon with ur bff's photo. Whats ur main purpose actually? Wanted to make me feel jealous with that? Ohooo welldone congrats yes iam. Fuck up. Uve never use my photo as ur default picture dude. Whts dat? Ugh. Its okay. Up to you what u want to do. Cause u just increase my hatred towards u. Wau congrats again dude. Ahaha i likeee that attitude. Continue. Dont stop. Okay. Ive never make u hurt by putting some others boys photo as my default. In my instagram its only my cousins. Stupid! U just messed me up. Alright. I dont do what u do  cause im a girl. Im not desperate. Im not as stupid as u. Ups. Im not that unmatured as u. Im not! One thing u need to bear in ur mind that no matter what, my shyness controling me to do something that can make ppl look down on me. And now u can go die with ur bitches. Assalam 

 Once a bitches, forever a bitches ;)