"You never know what life is like untill you have lived it" - Marilyn Monroe

"Dunia tidak akan menghargai seribu kebaikan yang kamu lakukan tetapi akan mengkritik satu keburukan yang kamu lakukan"

Thats how life is. Aku hanya mencipta duniaku sendiri. Biarkan apa kata mereka. Pedulikan.


Sunday at 10:13 PM
Hi gais.

So tonight idk who else i need to tell abt. I miss him. I miss him a lot. Srsly really really miss him. Today i just spent my day by stalking you. Stalking ur favourites. There a lot tht u fav my tweet when we were unmention. By reading them my tears uhm cant hold it. I miss how close we are how annoying we could be how sweet abt both of us till someone jealous and wanted to kill us. Haha. I miss how bad r u on me haih. Idk. I miss everything about you. We r 360 degree different now then before. Either i changed or u changed? I know im not the old who always be patient with ur wrong doings, ur busy, hm. I just cant hold my feelings. I hate you yesterday! But i miss you today. Idk! Its already a weeks we didnt contact each other after the argue. Yes i was ego! But not only me :) both of us. U know aite this is the first time ive been in love with someone and deeply in love? Although its had been a year we were together I still have my shyness towards u. I dont want to start the conversation first. Like i said. I still shy with u and i dont want to see me to be so "hegeh" with u. I just want it simple and smooth. Can u understand me like i understand u? What ever they said abt u idontcare. Cause ppl can changed. I love you the way u are. Wht they said is true cause i can see it through ur eyes. Yes. But its okay. U can changed. Ohmy god. Pls give me some strenght to control my missing towards u. I MISS YO SO FUCKING DAMN MUCH dude. Can u hear me? Haih. Idk wht to say. After reading ur caption i just feels like we were nothing now. I left u, u left me. But! Without any words. I dont want this. But i had to. Its all abt feeling. Im not selfish. But ive been hurt enough. Its okay. My heart still insist to want u back in my life and my mind keep repeating the words that kills me to have u back in my life. I just dont know wht to do. I wnt you! I wnt us! How stupid i am. Stupid! Ugh! Do you still love me like i do? Do u still want me like i want u? Hm. Idk how to describe my feelings right now. All i know is everytime we were argue ive always said "i love you no matter what" and see what ever u hurt me i still in love with the same person. I love you so much baby and tonight i just lay in my bed by thinking of u and start crying cause missing you like crazy. Hm :')

Lovə aint easy like you think. 


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