Him II

Afternoon gais.

How r u gais? Happy Independence Day btw although Malaysia quite not-looking-so-okay right now. Give it all to Him((Allah)). Back to main topic. I ............. actually didnt understand my feeling towards him. "Yes, I do love you" just from ur mouth or deeply from ur heart? Awh, how I wish I could read people minds. ((sigh)) but I cant. Bcause I cant I'm still here waiting for you to finish ur study. YES I DO UNDERSTAND UR FUTURE! UR DREAM! Yes i do understand ((sigh)) but can you just understand me too? Do I 100% hard to be understood? Im a girl. Did u know what girls truly want from boys? "Attention" Is it hard to contact me even A WORD? A word babe not an essay. You can online ur whatsapp, u can online ur wechat. But u cant text me even a word. "GoodMorning" or "GoodNight" are more than enough! Alright. Ure so tired with ur fucking damn busy life aite? Ok, I'm letting you go and do ur work and catch ur future. I will husnodzun with you as long as you husnodzun with me. Im here waiting for you every single time.

"I love You. Simple but lot of meaning"

xoxo. M