"You never know what life is like untill you have lived it" - Marilyn Monroe

"Dunia tidak akan menghargai seribu kebaikan yang kamu lakukan tetapi akan mengkritik satu keburukan yang kamu lakukan"

Thats how life is. Aku hanya mencipta duniaku sendiri. Biarkan apa kata mereka. Pedulikan.


Him II
Saturday at 4:13 PM
Afternoon gais.

How r u gais? Happy Independence Day btw although Malaysia quite not-looking-so-okay right now. Give it all to Him((Allah)). Back to main topic. I ............. actually didnt understand my feeling towards him. "Yes, I do love you" just from ur mouth or deeply from ur heart? Awh, how I wish I could read people minds. ((sigh)) but I cant. Bcause I cant I'm still here waiting for you to finish ur study. YES I DO UNDERSTAND UR FUTURE! UR DREAM! Yes i do understand ((sigh)) but can you just understand me too? Do I 100% hard to be understood? Im a girl. Did u know what girls truly want from boys? "Attention" Is it hard to contact me even A WORD? A word babe not an essay. You can online ur whatsapp, u can online ur wechat. But u cant text me even a word. "GoodMorning" or "GoodNight" are more than enough! Alright. Ure so tired with ur fucking damn busy life aite? Ok, I'm letting you go and do ur work and catch ur future. I will husnodzun with you as long as you husnodzun with me. Im here waiting for you every single time.

"I love You. Simple but lot of meaning"

xoxo. M 

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